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Mistakenly reported as deceased in Cincinnati, OH

What to do if your account or SSN reported as deceased?

One or more of your creditors may have reported a deceased individual's account or accounts on your credit report. This may happen when someone else who may have been involved with the account, such as a partner or co-signator, dies.

Federal law offers victims of false credit reports the right to a lawyer's fee to recover their credit and fight against their offices. If you have been wrongly declared dead by the credit bureaus in Cincinnati, your fees will be charged by the other side, and we will not charge anything until we can recover for you.

After your case has been completed, we will allow you to update and track your credit report on a regular basis, with a free annual analysis of your credit reports to ensure that the credit bureaus do not report you as deceased or make any false statements that could lead to an unpleasant rejection of credit. We're going to help make sure your credit file is free of errors.

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As we said, our services are totally free.

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If you have been mistakenly reported as deceased by a credit bureau, our company can help. We already helped more than a 1,000 people with mistakenly reported death in their reports, so our attorneys know well how to deal with this problem. If you need any help - feel free to contact us by calling on (929) 202-5200, via email: info@wedoitfree.com, or you can fill the form below, and our consultants will get in youch with you as soon as possible!

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