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How do I get started?
Sign Up and Upload your Credit report. If you don't have a credit report, please sign up to receive your information on how to obtain a free credit report. Or call us for further assistance.
What happens after I sign up and send you my credit report?
A representative from will call you within 24 hours to discuss your issues in your credit report.
WEDOITFREE, are you licensed lawyers?
No, we are not attorneys nor do we practice law in any particular state or jurisdiction. We are a referral for our partners in the legal industry. We only analyze your credit report for any inconsistencies, error or in-accuracies and we send it to our partner attorneys to do the rest of the job.
How much does an attorney that you recommend charge to draft a dispute letter?
Legal professionals that are part of our network have signed a NO FEE agreement with us, which means you will not be charged a penny for any of the following services: credit report review, dispute letters, consultation and filing for a lawsuit in a matter where a violator violates a Consumer Protection Federal Law.
How soon can I expect to see the results?
Our partners send dispute letters within 2 business days after receiving your credit report. It takes 30-45 days to notice improvements. However, if the credit reporting agency or creditor does not remove erroneous or incorrect data on your credit report, then our partner attorneys file a lawsuit in a court of law on your behalf to make sure corrections are made.
Can I collect monetary damages or any kind of an award?
Yes, you can! If Credit agencies or creditors violated your rights, Federal Law gives you the power to sue them. The law provides for fixed compensation of up to $1,000 for each violation. In addition, if you’re able to prove that they cost you money, you’re entitled to a full recovery of anything you lost. Finally, violators are required to pay your attorney’s fees - you do not pay anything out of your pocket.
This Service seems too good to be true, What’s the catch?

There is a catch. You got us. The catch is that we believe every person deserves to get their credit issues fixed, but we can only help you, if you want to.

What we are doing is changing people’s lives. And we do it because we care. But you won’t realize we’re trying to help you unless you commit to helping yourself first. When you do that and you know you want a team that has your best interest at heart, we’ll be here. Always glad to be of help.

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