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Our organization helps individuals like you connect with an attorney that can help remove credit mistakes from your credit report. We pride ourselves in this truly remarkable free service for you. We have built a team of dedicated partners to help you with any issues in your credit history. They will help fix your credit report errors and give you all the tools you need.

We are not credit experts nor do we fix or repair anyone’s credit history. We are organization that refers clients to our legal partners in accordance with the services required. Every attorney that we work with has an extensive experience in the consumer protection law and we pride ourselves in that!


Why do we do it for Free?

Because we believe every person deserves to get their credit issues fixed.

That is why Wedoitfree and our partners do everything for free on behalf of our clients, including: analyzing your credit reports for mistakes, writing dispute letters and we even pay for sending them to the CRA’s.

After we receive your responses to our dispute letters, we analyze a new credit report and make sure that they fixed all your previous mistakes. If your mistakes have not been fixed, our partners will take the CRA’s to court, if necessary. Our attorneys don’t charge you anything for their services. They only get paid by the court, after they win your case.

Our formula at wedoitfree.com is a Win - Win!

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